PRINTS PANTHR R33 Pink Skyline

PRINTS PANTHR R33 Pink Skyline


PANTHR R33 Skyline, is just a plate name i made up as i thought it was fitting. Like Pink Panther the old cartoon as the car is a hot pink. You can messsage me and i can add your custom plates or your name (6 letters of course) to a car that you might see. I will add some blank plates soon on random cars.

But this hot pink car is ready to br appreciated.

If you are a JDM car enthusiast than this is definatley a print for you.

Put these prints up in your workshop or room and also follow these car owners on social media. Fans showing their support makes these guys want to make their cars shinnier and faster.

I have digitally drawn the car in my style and listed for sale are A3 prints, professionally printed by a local printing company here in Shellharbour.

You are purchasing one professionl A3 print


Check out the other cars i have drawn and direct message me if you would like me to draw your car.



    Each print is packed in a vaccuum seal back with a cardboard support to avoid bending or damage in shipping.

    Pick up is always welcome direct from the studio in Shellharbour.